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Moreover, overclocking is often static, while dynamic frequency scaling is always dynamic. Software can often incorporate overclocked frequencies into the frequency scaling algorithm, if the chip degradation risks are allowable. A related-but-opposite technique is overclocking, whereby processor performance is increased by ramping the processor’s frequency beyond the manufacturer’s design specifications. There is a new version of Microsoft Edge, and it has brought to the table some well-needed features for users to enjoy. Based on this, you can then remove the old device partnership based on the GUID, with either the Remove-MobileDevice or the Remove-ActiveSyncDevice command, depending on the Exchange version.

  • To remove this warning message, right-click the Notepad2.exe file in Explorer, choose Properties from the context menu, and press the Unblock button at the bottom of the General tab.
  • When you click a file in the jump list, Explorer uses the file association information to build a command line.
  • Unless you’re going to store VMs on a remote system, do not create an array just for Hyper-V.

The item we are interested in is Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists. Go ahead and set that to and Windows will no longer show the list of recently opened documents. When you right-click on a program from your taskbar, the list will be gone. If you want to, you can stop file explorer from tracking and logging your recent files. To do that, uncheck both the “Show recently used files in Quick Access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access” options.

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If you want to know more about Window Auto-Tuning, check out the excellent analysis of the feature here. The first thing you may want to do is check the status of Window Auto-Tuning. If it is turned off for instance, it is likely that it is not the case for the slow downs, but if it is set, it may very well be the culprit.

I checked the software briefly and saw no issues which would suggest configuration problems. AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are dynamic frequency scaling technologies for GPUs. The 36-processor AsAP 1 chip is among the first multi-core processor chips to support completely unconstrained clock operation including arbitrary changes in frequency, starts, and stops. The 167-processor AsAP 2 chip is the first multi-core processor chip which enables individual processors to make fully unconstrained changes to their own clock frequencies. One major difference between the two is that in modern PC systems overclocking is mostly done over the Front Side Bus , but dynamic frequency scaling is done with the multiplier.

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I can’t see anything on these screenshots which is functionally different from the W7 menu. The weather widget of W7 is now part of the menu and its live data will pollute people’s drive spaces, like it did in W8. Find out how to customize the appearance and program links displayed in the Windows 10 Start Menu to personalize the selection and options. You may also want to check out Colors under Personalization as it allows you to pick a base color or toggle the auto color feature. Show or hide recently added apps on the right pane. Microsoft added several customization options to the Start Menu that allow you to change how it looks.

You can also pin a program by dragging the program’s shortcut from the desktop or Start menu to the Taskbar. I’m talking about the list of games at the top of the menu when you click the notification icon, and the jump list you get when pinning steam to the start menu. Don’t forget to enable your setting to display hidden files in order to see the contents of these folders. What’s more, depending on the program, you’ll find slightly different Windows jump lists with specific time-saving selections for that particular application. The image below shows my jump list for Mozilla Firefox, with shortcuts to my recent web-activities so I can launch Firefox and revisit those places with a single click. To bring out my Windows 10 jump lists for Microsoft Excel, I simply right-click the Excel icon on my taskbar. Windows displays my jump list, which is populated with the most recent documents I last worked with.

Hide recent files from quick access in Windows 10 how to hide recent files from appearing in Windows 10 How to remove recent files in Windows 10, that’s what we are going to see in this post. When Windows 7 made it out the door reactions were mixed about the operating system’s revamped taskbar. Now two years later I can personally attest to the improved usability of the new bar and above all else, the magnificent implementation of jump lists. I’ve been trying all day to stop Office remembering my documents. I disabled Recent Documents, but the stupid thing still kept showing recent documents in the taskbar Word icon and in the Start Menu. It’s like every new version of MS office is more annoying and I have to turn off more things. The Windows Settings dialog box will display, scroll down and click Personalization.

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